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Duct Cleaning....Coming in September 2021 

Duct Cleaning starting at $600 per furnace!

Before and After Duct Cleaning Before and After Duct Cleaning

What we do:
 Prime Time Heating and Cooling recommends having your duct work cleaned every 3 to 5 years. We use a 35 horse-power truck mounted professional Hypervac duct cleaning system that will use negative pressure to clean your duct work at 15,000 CFM’s and above.

Duct cleaning will help you to remove dirt, dead skin, smoke, chemicals, CO2, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, pet dander, mold, and other indoor air pollutants. The EPA reports that indoor air pollution is the fourth greatest threat to our health and that indoor air can be 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. We spend more time than ever indoors now especially during these COVID times, cleaning your ducts may offer relief with seasonal allergies, save money on your utility bills, increase your HVAC system’s efficiency along with helping to maintain your HVAC system, reduce the dust level in your home, and help to keep your air quality cleaner. Call 734-419-4134 to Schedule your appointment Today!

We also offer AC coil cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, UV lights, and full video inspections. We recommend having your dryer vent cleaned yearly. Cleaning your dryer vent will help your dryer function more efficiently and last longer. There are 15,000 fires caused per year due to dirty dryer vents. We sell and install the Reme Halo UV lights that can be installed to function with your furnace. These air cleaners will kill bacteria and help to keep your air clean.

What’s included: We will clean all of your return and supply (plenum and main trunk) vents per furnace. We will remove and replace vent covers and when done *(This does not include the removal of vents that have been painted over this removal may cost extra). We will clean your AC blower wheel /motor and furnace. We will provide before and after photos.  

We are following all the required covid19 protocols. Call 734-419-4134 to Schedule your appointment Today!

Our Equipment- HyperVac Technologies: https://hypervac.com/    Hypervac

Since 1980 Hypervac has been making and selling direct, the world's most powerful air duct cleaning equipment. From the Power vac H1 duct truck to Hi Powered Hybrid Portable duct cleaning vacuums and innovative duct cleaning tools such as the Cobraview camera system.


Hypervac Machine Duct Cleaning Machine